Version 1.3 © Eric Loillieux - January 2006

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A-Kit version 1.3 is available for $20.00 USD or 15.00 euros

Available for Mac OS X and Windows XP
French and english documentation included

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A-Kit is a set of 7 plugins (plus an additional plugin to facilitate registration). They are available in VST, RTAS, and AU formats, and require a sequencer set to (or able to operate at) 44.1 kHz resolution.
These modules, driven by MIDI tracks, produce the sounds of a drum kit. They allow you to set variations on velocity and attack, which are driven by incoming velocity and pitch-bend MIDI information. Each plugin is able to add modulation to the velocity and attack thanks to the "velocity deviation" and "attack deviation" parameters, which may be set by the user for subtle or extreme results.
All settings may be saved as a standard preset file.





A 44.1 kHz sampler is incorporated into each module of A-Kit. Thanks to a high polyphony, a more realistic sound can be achieved on instruments with long resonance and decay, such as cymbals and toms. The polyphony also allows for a more realistic snare roll, since each small hit within the roll does not cut short the previous one.
The sound bank is 45 MB of multi-samples, spread over the 7 plugins, and reaching as many as 40 velocity layers per instrument. This allows for a very realistic palette of sounds.
Set up an A-Kit module with a boring, static drum part. Set the velocity and attack parameters to "alive" and you will soon see that the setting lives up to its name. Of course, using your favourite filters, compressors, and effects, you may then tweak A-Kit's sound from within your sequencer to suit your personal taste.


Listen to A-Kit in a mix, along with MIDI bass and piano.>>>>>>



Mac OS 10.2 and later / PowerMac G4 400 MHz with 512 MB RAM / A host sequencer that supports RTAS, VST, or AU plugins.

A-Kit solo>>>>>>
(Examples in MP3 format. A-Kit itself uses 44.1 kHz aiff.)

License (excerpt)


A-Kit is shareware. After trying it out, you will have the option to buy it. The software itself will direct you to the checkout, at which point in time a secure credit card transaction will complete the purchase.
A-Kit is protected by copyright. The software may not be distributed without explicit permission from Polyrythmic.