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    What users said about Archibald

    Some comments.

    From Alex - 7 February 2008

    Many thanks for the registration number. Everything is working perfectly.
    I really like the user-friendly interface to archibald and the features are brilliant. This is so much more intuitive and realistic than using Reason's ReFills (which are good for certain styles, like electronica). The Mix window gives excellent control over each sound - this is an engineers dream! Very stable ReWire with Logic and Pro Tools and very efficient on CPU performance.
    Thanks again. I look forward to many happy hours of music production without having to use the services of temperamental drummers!
    Best wishes,

    From Rob - 1 February 2008

    Wow...a drum sequencer that sounds good and supports signature changes mid song. I've been looking for something like this for years! And inexpensive to boot! Thanks a lot. This is the perfect tool for rock'n'roll home recording.
    I'll be referring my friends to your site!

    From Eric M. - 10 October 2007

    Yeah! I’ve been playing with Archie whenever I can. I just can get enough of it… I love your software. I'm a guitar player. I never though it would be so damn fun and easy to make drum parts…

    From JLennon314 - 15 April 2006

    Just...wow...that is all that I can say. This is possibly the best "drum machine" that I have ever used.
    I am into this and [XXXXXXXXX]. Now, [XXXXXXXXX] I use because it is simple. I mean, totally simple. Start it up and go. Archibald is NOT simple. At least, not at first. It gets easier quickly, but you kinda have to relearn how to do things for the first few times. But once you've gotten everything down in your head, it's powerful.
    The reason that it can be confusing and intimidating at first - it has 3 different properties with value ranges from 0% to 100% (2 for the bass drum). There is just so much variability and yet you have control over the chance occurances.
    Your Controls are over - Probability of striking, Velocity range for the strike, and attack range for where the strike hits.
    Kick drum - just the one
    Hi-hat - Foot pedal, Open, and Closed
    Snare - Snare hit, Rim shot
    Cymbals - Ride, crash
    Toms - Hi, low
    Play one bar (the one you're working on) or play the entire set. You can loop or not loop up to 64 bars. You can also easily change the amount of beats per bar.
    It works with ReWire, so if you have a ReWire compatible program, it works. However, it doesn't seem to work with Garageband's ReWire support (yes, Garageband does have ReWire support. Yayness!). Hopefully, that will be fixed sometime in the near future. Also, hopefully this will be made into a UBin.
    I would have GLADLY paid the 36 USD that it was worth before had I known about it. This is just a brilliant piece of programming, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

    10 May 2006:  

    Archibald 2.4 now uses Midi output. So what's so nifty? Garageband is now fully compatible. So all those Jam Pac ?ks work REALLY great with Archibald. 

    read original

    From Vespatcher - 24 Oct 2005

    Fantastic! I registered my copy a couple days ago and all I can say is that this is the drum software I've been looking for for years. It's intuitive, deceptively powerful, and most of all (If you program it right) it sounds like real drummer! I'm a jazz musician and I've been wanting something that plays MY patterns, but can improvise on them like a real drummer, and this is the only software I have found that comes close. Everything else I've ever tried sounds too "canned" or if it's sampled, it's never quite the loop I'm looking for. It takes a little while to learn how to set the parameters properly to make it improvise convincingly (at least if you're not a drummer like me), but once you get the hang of it the workflow is really fast thanks to the nested sequencer design.

    From Ryan - 29 May 2005

    I have had a lot of fun working with the archibald demo in past few days and i particularly value the way in which you can mess around with each note to get it absolutely perfect.
    I particularly enjoy the delay feature a lot. It makes the program that much more interesting to play to with guitar/bass.

    From Theo - 25 Apr 2005

    I think you might be into something! Especcialy when there's lots of people (like me) who want drums to sound natural, organic and flowing. Therefore spend hours and hours of programming in their sequencer with a softsampler and a big bunch of multisampled hits before having a satisfying track. Well, those are the people you will serve the most. I think your approach of setting zones for every hit with the software randomly determining the actual sample being played works nicely and is more sophisticated than the random option in REASON's NN-XT sampler (which I always use for building drumkits) simply because velocity plus attack nature are randomized. Another nicety is the grid deviation allowing to build your own feel per pattern. It would be nice if this feature was applyable per instrument sound instead of per grid position. About the sounds: they have a nice loose vintage jazzy sound which do their job well in an open and slow arrangement. Would an extra soundset with a tight sound be an option for a future version?

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