Polyrythmic creates softwares for musicians.

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    Play with Jam Session' Wizards!

    Available for Mac OS X (from 10.2)
    Price: $29.00 or €22.00


    What is this soft about?

    Jam’s Wizards is dedicated to musicians who'd like to train themselves to play on chords progressions (grids). It provides a various comping ; plus, you can choose the style and the instruments. Grids and Styles are easily editables. The software may also be used for musical composition, and is able to import Band-in-a-Box™ files.

    Play and easily edit chords progressions.

    Drive the essentials from one main window: choose a grid, play it, loop a part of it, edit chords. More than 120 chords types are recognized, and you can teach new ones to the soft. Jam's Wizards helps you in capturing chords, indicating mistakes. When the grid is played, interpreted by 3 talented musicians, see current chord thanks to the integrated keyboard. Export your grid in PICT format, i.e. to print it. Transpose the chords for your instrument. If you're a bassist, a drummer, a guitarist or a pianist, mute the track of your choice and play instead of the virtual instrumentist.

    Choose your style, create your own styles and mix the jam session as you like it.

    In the software, you'll find styles already created (Swing, Bossa Nova, Funk, Rock...), but you can easily add your own styles. Jam's Wizards flexibility on this point has about no limit. For instance, the bassist can as well play a precise line as improvise a 'walking bass' himself. In each case, he'll get perfectly adapted to the played grid. Because he is able to play a lot of instruments (doublebass, fretless bass, slap approach...), he'll succeed in each style, just like his partners. To make the comping sounds the best, use the parameters of interpretation and of mix until they get the way you prefer.
    Nevertheless, if you don't wish to plunge yourself in computer science, open a grid, a style and play, it's as simple !


  • Minimum: Mac OS 10.2 and later - PPC or Intel based - PowerMac G4 400 MHz with 256 MB RAM - screen resolution 1024 X 768 - QuickTime or a MIDI device
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